Our Expertise

From the analysis of your needs to the start-up of your installation, PML offers over 20 years’ experience in end of production line automation.

Integrated production allows us to bring your High quality products and the lead time reliability you expect.

Thanks to this strategy, our range of products can rapidly evolve in order to adapt to your specific needs.

PML hence accommodates the capacity of innovation of an engineering company and the control of its products as a production company.


Our sales teams actively participate with you in finding the right solution for the needs you define together. Our main concern is to build, with you, the right technical and economical solution.


The engineering teams, whether mechanical, electrical, automatics, robotics or software are integrated to the structure and are equipped with the latest tools such as Solidworks, Electrical expert, Robotguide, etc…


Secured availability of your drawings and studies through the subject heading “Your Space” of our website insures direct and smooth communication between yours and our teams.

1 500 m2 Workshop

Steel structure and cabling workshops are available.

We manufacture most of the products we commercialise.


All installations are systematically assembled, cabled and debugged in our assembly workshops by our technical teams.

Our project managers assure the conformity of our installations with your recommendations and supervise installation reception within our workshops.

The high level of quality of our delivered equipment reduces to its minimum the implementation time hence reducing your production downtime.


With respect with your industries requirements (safety, regulations, environment, …) our assembly / cabling teams step in on your site to assemble your equipment. The professionalism and the reactivity of our technicians play a major role in the satisfaction of your teams during our intervention.

The project manager, working as unique conductor, works beside you to make sure all operations run correctly and assures the final validation of the equipment.


Thanks to our approved training centre, we can offer product training. These sessions can take place at our premises or on site, depending on your needs.

Training your line operators and preventive maintenance of the equipment are essential tools to keep your equipment to its highest possible performance level hence keeping production availability.


We can assure preventive and curative maintenance for all our equipment, as well as retrofit or modification operations that may be required for equipment supplied or not by PML.

A choice of maintenance contracts are available, that can eventually include a 24/7 service.

30 years
of experience

in use

after sales service
24 hours a day, 7 days a week