COBOTPAL®: solution of collaborative palletization

cellule de palettisation collaborative COBOTPAL®

COBOTPAL®, solution of collaborative palletization

Avantages of the solution COBOTPAL®

Palettization cell dedicated to one or more production lines :

  • Automatisation of low rate production lines
  • Up to two lines simultaneously
  • No stop to discharge the formed palettes
  • Optimized occupancy and profitability rates
  • Maximum speed in collaborative mode : 800 mm/s
  • Up to 8 cycles per minute

No security housing :

  • Adapted speed and conception of the robot
  • No dangerous elements
  • No safety distance to provide
  • Reduced footprint
  • Greater layout flexibility

Standard, modular and evolutionary conception :

  • Environmental and product adaptation
  • Multifunctional gripper designed for :
    • Picking up of multisized parcels up to 25 kg weight
    • Cardboard spacers
  • Planned for the use of multisized paletts up to 1800mm load height without adapting the bases of palettization
  • No mechanical adjustment between the productions
  • Possibility of mobile cell

Man / Industrial Machine Interface :

  • Spervisory software PROMALYON integrated in the IHM tactile control : MAESTRO PRODUCTIQUE®
  • Integrate FLEXIPAL® and ALGOPAL® plug-in modules that allow for the creation of new products and user palletization patterns
  • Interface in French