Forkgrip ®

préhenseur à fourche pour robot palettiseur

Gripping products with our MULTIGRIP® or by suction pads is regularly used to handle products; however, some applications require other solutions.

In order to bring answers to these new requirements and increase its product range, PML presents its ‘Fork’ gripper for robot palletising: the FORKGRIP®.

This gripper carries the product and places it on the pallet. During the robots displacement, the product is held by clamping. In the same way as our MULTIGRIP® the reliability of the FORKGRIP® is done by motorising its functions (Draw-in of forks and product clamping down).

Loyal to our concept of “multi-function gripper”, the FORKGRIP® can handle pallets, interlayers, as well as the product. The FORKGRIP® improves the reliability of your installations with a high level of performance.