PALBOX®, the compact and user-friendly palletizing robot

Robot de palettisation compact PALBOX®

PALBOX®, the compact and user-friendly palletizing robot

Palletizing is often the last phase in plant automation and the space left available for this operation is generaly reduced.

PROMALYON has designed the PALBOX® to concentrate essential palletizing robot functions in a compact cell. Thus, products, pallets, interlayers, covers and plastic layers are handled directly by the robot thanks to the MULTIGRIP® end-of-arm tool.

Production lines are under constant evolution (change in layout, production relocation, throughput changes, etc.). For these reasons, the PALBOX® is mounted on a skid in order to be easily installed or moved. No more de-wiring/re-wiring, disassembling/re-assembling, re-learning of robot trajectories. You are free to relocate it without having to call our technical services.

Finally, its user-friendy FLEXIPAL® touch interface has been designed to give more autonomy and flexibility to the users when creating new palletizing patterns.

Palbox : Palettisation Robotisée Compacte